Software solution for Sales and Delivery Management

Short Facts:

Area: Building materials
Team: 3 employees
Project duration: 7 months
Services: Software development

Situation: The efficient management and stocks control  in several workstations can represent an important goal for a  company that has experienced a sharp development. Our client, an important player among the building materials suppliers in Romania, with a history of 25 years on this market, considered it opportune to develop a software solution that will help optimize flows, management, control of transport / delivery activity and process coordination in the seven working points.


The permanent collaboration with the client’s team and the understanding of the specific needs/field of activity were the strengths of the partnership. Soft Tehnica team has proposed to achieve an integrated solution with specific functionalities of the departments involved in the production, delivery, and management activity, with Front Office and Back Office responsabilities.

Technical aspects and general functionalities:

– Weighing trucks and linking this process to generating expedition permits. Identification of each truck via video camera and automatic recording in the system with specific data,  the weight at the station entrance, and the weight at the station exit. This flow shall be completed by printing a weighing ticket and the accompanying notice
– Billing from multiple notes.
– Primary accounting activities: ‎transfer between different inventories.

  • a station can supply goods from another sorting station, this process is highlighted in the program by import transfer and export to another management; ‎
  • the production process is highlighted and updated in the daily schedule by the operator – which inserts the quantity produced the day before
  • the resources are highlighted and controlled in a special section – the diesel consumption is automatically introduced, etc.
  • issuing a receipt by simply selecting the product

– Export data to the accounting software for centralization, generating Delivery Notes, highlighting Stocks Transfers, Production, Resources Consumption; Sales/invoices; and transferring Clients Data.

– Order module in which the customer is automatically identified and the history of orders and delivery addresses is displayed.

– Mobile application for a more efficient communication process between dispatcher drivers.

– Real-time reports with updated data on production, deliveries, stocks in each location or cumulated.

Dacorex, our partner in this project has chosen to streamline their processes and to better control the flows within the company through an integrated program with the accounting software, which will provide support to employees in carrying out daily activities, but also an overview of the management, by generating real-time data and reports.