Communication and financial data transfer portal for a financial audit company

Short Facts

Area: Financial audit
Team: 4
Project duration: 6 months
Technologies: React + NodeJS
Services: Software development

Situation: The financial audit services sector is experiencing an extensive digital transformation process generating implications in the way companies from this sector run their businesses.
Through connectivity technologies such as platforms, collaborative software, network applications, or portals, huge amounts of information are traded between devices, but also between people and devices.

Technology has become a necessary and important tool in the process of transforming and optimizing the operations involved in any financial audit.

The COVID pandemic, as well as the need to communicate efficiently, safely, and correctly the financial information that underlies any financial audit, were the main objectives pursued by an audit company from the top 5 in Romania. Their request was a first step in accessing a new domain, and in analyzing and understanding new workflows.


Following a rigorous analysis of the client’s requirements, one of the top 5 audit companies in Romania, Soft Tehnica team proposed the development of a collaborative portal, in which the management of each project is highlighted and controlled in a customized way. The design functionalities supported and responded in a coherent way to the project requirements.

– Each project of the audit company is created on the platform and assigned to the client in the portfolio.
– The client of the audit company receives the requests from the auditor via e-mail and logs on the platform with a user and password, having the possibility to forward and save on the platform the documents mentioned by the representative of the audit company.
– The surveyed client will also enter the platform with the contact information of third parties.
– After saving the documents on the platform, they are checked by the auditor. If the documents are correct, the archive is sent to the client for signing and stamping, and third parties (the suppliers of the audited client) will receive a link by email with a form where they will fill in the data and will be able to view the pdf.
– The auditor can analyze each confirmation received from third parties and report an error (old flow) on time.

Benefits for the Client:

  • providing a team of specialists with experience in the development of numerous projects
  • permanent communication with the partner, a win-win partnership,
  • compliance with the delivery deadline set.