For the past 16 years, we have channeled our efforts towards helping HoReCa companies in their digital transformation and business growth efforts. We have created software solutions that have become not only tools, but also reliable business support partners for our clients. Focused on daily activity management and business reporting, Freya HoReCa solutions are now used by over 2500 clients that have developed their activity and grown their businesses, whether it’s restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, hotels or motels.

During the 2020 pandemic, our team has adapted to the new challenges and developed features to help the HoReCa sector during difficult times: we have focused on improving our Delivery solutions, that have become the most valuable asset for restaurants and pubs that needed to keep their location closed to on-site customers during the lockdown, we have created modules to ensure online presence and swift communication with customers, features that connect the restaurant/pub/bar website with Freya Delivery and the restaurant management system, we have created a digital menu solution enhanced with AR features to help restaurants create their digital menus, and added partnerships with international solutions providers for creating a safe work environment for hospitality companies.

We speak business and we’re focused on results by using new technologies – with this approach, we have added new important features to help our clients stay open: the WordPress module and the applied Augmented Reality for restaurants. The WordPress module helps the restaurant team to have all the products, prices, descriptions, orders, payments etc. connected on the website, menu and the management program. This way, all orders can be received and fulfilled in a more efficient way, offering also a plus for the customer. With the Augmented Reality features developed by our in-house team, it is very easy to integrate the restaurant’s menu with the website, by transforming the products into an immersive experience for the customers. Also, this feature allows the restaurant/bar/pub to personalize their products before offering them in an online menu, available for their clients. With this feature, a restaurant owner can change colors, components, also add multiple texts, images etc.

Freya Solutions

Trust Soft Tehnica to deliver solutions tailored to the business and technology challenges all HoReCa and travel companies face.

Freya Hotel

Freya Hotel is the one of the best software solutions on the market. All your business is highlighted in one place and with just a few clicks: check your rooms, staff, reservations, check-ins, offers, vouchers and much more.
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Freya Shop

Freya Shop delivers a simple, fast, easy to understand sales experience. It tracks stock, it’s integrated with a variety of software and hardware solutions, it’s mobile ready on Android and we’re constantly improving it by adding new features.
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Freya Restaurant

The comprehensive and powerful turn key software solution. You get everything in one place: all your data related to business performance, stocks, sales, reports, financial status, clients, so that you have full control.
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Freya Delivery

The intuitive interface provides you with access to complete information about your current order details – client, payment, discount, date and time, time interval from order placement. It is also supported by comprehensive order dedicated services – Call Receiver or Freya Dispatcher, as well as fleet monitoring features for owned or affiliated delivery couriers.
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Freya Cloud

We offer you the solution both decentralized, for a single store, but also for multiple locations through Freya Cloud, the software solution that allows you to manage all operational processes in multiple locations, with real-time synchronization in the back office of the head office. Each POS (Point-of-Sale) is based on a secure local database, offering the advantage of being operational, even in situations where there is discontinued Internet services coverage.
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