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We are ready to offer your business a new perspective of presenting its products and services, by using the newest development opportunities and most innovative solutions in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D Design.
Experience online a world and products that you never seen or touched. We help you to offer your customers the opportunity to explore a building that is going to be built, to visual touch and evaluate a product without step in your store.
Soft Tehnica team will attend you step by step through an exciting business journey, a dynamic approach that will bring a great advantage on the market.

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Augmented Reality Digital Menu

Provide the customers with an interactive and unique experience, that helps them to evaluate, choose and compare dishes. Sometimes it is difficult to explain and mention all the ingredients of your recipes in a usually printed menu format, that’s why you need to offer the customers all the information and interactive digital content to make their decision easier.
An effective marketing tool for restaurant owners, AR food menus can help you to sell more, attract new customers, and differentiate your restaurant.
The AR food menu works on iOS, Android, and also on web browsers and can be accessed from mobiles & tablets.
The A-D-V-A-N-T-A-G-E-S
More visibility: 360-degree visualizations.
More visibility: 360-degree visualizations.
Improve customer engagement: let the customers discover your dishes before they order.
Sustainability: you don’t need to print anymore the menu.

Holotrain. Interactive V-LEARNING platform

Our innovative Augmented Reality training platform, assisted by interactive photorealistic holograms, will allow personalized, two-directional, and scalable interaction for a large number of trained employees, simultaneously with the HoloTrain instructor.
Special Features
Development of technology for creating “human” photo-realistic holograms using augmented reality (AR) technologies.
Development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) module that will allow the processing of data taken through audio-video and biometric sensors from the learner in real-time;
Creating a module for detecting the emotional states of the learner in order to analyze the current emotional state of the learner for generating feedback;
Creating virtual instructor scenarios through a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the teams involved: augmented reality, holograms, automatic learning, psychology, and software-skills training;
Storage of the holographic training platform through a Cloud platform and playback of holograms in streaming mode;
The A-D-V-A-N-T-A-G-E-S
More visibility: 360-degree visualizations.
More visibility: 360-degree visualizations.
Improve customer engagement: let the customers discover your dishes before they order.
Sustainability: you don’t need to print anymore the menu.


Give your customers an outside-of-the-box and unique experience with AnimateAR!
Your AnimateAR can be an influencer, expert, brand ambassador, employee, or VIP that helps you boost your sales as well as increase engagement, awareness, and product retention. Offer your business a unique approach to promoting products in the most interactive and engaging way.
What is AnimateAR?
An innovative method that brings packaging to life
Includes AR human holograms, motion capture, 3D objects, visual effects, animations
It works by scanning a simple QR code, scanned via a smartphone or by installing a more complex APP
Glasses-free technology
Works on Android and iOS smartphones
Available any time, any place

Our client’s main objective was to inform customers that their product’s ingredients are 100% natural and safe. The scenario implied interactivity and customer engagement. We have created a 3D model from scratch, fully animated its face and body using Motion Capture, then created a Mobile App, both Android and iOS compatible. Based on this extended range of integrated features, the buyers – while pointing their phones’ cameras to the product’s packaging – can visualize an AR 3D animation that keeps them engaged by providing useful insights on the product’s features and benefits.

History and cultural projects can have a great impact on society. As an active promotor of our history, we developed a special project, Eroii României – Interactive encyclopedia (mobile application with Augmented Reality) dedicated to the outstanding personalities of Romania.
The main objective of our app/project was to reproduce in the most interactive and engaging way episodes of our history and to offer the users a simple way to learn more about our background.
The technologies used in content development (Photogrammetry, Mocap, character modeling, 3d animation, augmented reality) allowed us to deliver dynamic, interactive content, promoter of active receiver involvement. The content was integrated into a dedicated application developed for this project
The application and content will experience a continuous development process, depending on the future sponsors’ involvement and their requests

AR applicability

Multiple domains

No matter in which domain your business is, the AR/VR app will help you! (click the icons for more info)


Product 3D presentation

Product presentation viewable through web, without a dedicated mobile application. It is an ideal format for eCommerce sites that want to offer enhanced product visualization to their clients.

AR Display Advertising

Use the benefits of a 3D Product Hologram in your ads for more Conversions and Increased Customer Engagement.

Our AR lab, one of a handful of locations of this complexity and investment scale in Europe is ready and able to create facial Motion Capture for production, as well as real-time animation by using special costumes, gloves, sensors and cameras.
Recently, we have brought to market a mix of solutions based on Virtual Reality that help implement digital menus for restaurants, pubs and other Hospitality businesses.
Furthermore, starting from holograms for the dishes, we are able to generate full holographic menus. How does this type of application work?
Our team moves all the equipment from our studio into the restaurant, creates a local studio, scans every dish and product, then works on creating the holograms and publishes them into the menu application.