Software solution that provides management and control of operational activities for a well-known fodder producer

• Field: Fodder
• SOFT TECHNICA team: 4 employees
• Project duration: 6 months
• Services: Software development

A good control over the production, supply and delivery stages is an essential objective in achieving the proposed results, but also in achieving a production flow adapted to external requirements. A major fodder producer gave us the opportunity to develop a custom software for the operational integration of all 4 factories , automatic data collection from production lines, real-time order processing, sales management, transport and delivery activity planning.

Permanent collaboration with the client’s team and understanding the specific needs/field were the strengths of this partnership. The Soft Tehnica team has proposed the development of an integrated solution with specific functionalities according to the departments necessities involved in the sales, supply, production, delivery and transport activity.
Below are the main features developed to ensure a correct workflow, a synergy between processes and between the 4 work points.

General functionalities
1. Inventory management:
• Ensures a clear record of raw material stocks (at each point of work), a specific section for importing recipes (related to marketed products), for validation and management.
• Allows the automatization of the production process: Production notes (finished product loading and raw material discharge).
• The documents for delivered products can be easily issued and downloaded from the management section.

• Facilitates order management with the possibility of planning this process on every portfolio product.
• Multiple deliveries can be planned at order/product level.
• The documents necessary for the delivery process are very accessible and can be downloaded very fast.

3. Reporting : Access to all the reports related to the following activities – live dosing, manufacturing report, ingredient dosing.

4. Logistics : Ensures precise control of transport activities, correlated with the production process.

5. Recipes: Manages the recipe nomenclature by adding, updating or deleting.

6. Raw materials: Provides input of resource data according to certain parameters. All information is managed in the RAW materials nomenclature.

7. Quality control: Quality documents  can be issued very easy for every finished product.

The advantages of the process digitalization and automation within a company are obvious – streamlining and simplifying the entire activity, by optimizing the production stages, linking the stock of raw materials with the order flow and recipes behind each product. Managing logistics and transport becomes easy to control through the optimal allocation of resources.