Custom software development costs

Custom software development costs

Are you thinking about developing your own business software and are you wondering about the costs?

This is probably the client first question. Soft Tehnica’s team of dedicated engineers has an extensive expertise in developing custom software products and solutions. Frankly speaking, even for us, a custom software company from Romania, it’s a tricky question, because the cost depends on many aspects.

Our background allows our full-stack engineers to create and adapt projects to our client’s needs and to create digital products that totally respond to their objectives. Also, we gathered enough knowledge to provide you with a detailed custom software development consulting. Transparency is our main quality, as we always try to offer a realistic and updated overview on the costs implied by the development of a custom software. The financial offer will integrate a specific timeline for the project development.

Every good product needs time and investments

Why custom software development? Custom software is aimed to produce the most efficient system, as an answer to specific needs of the business, along with better efficiency and customer service.

Custom software development for startups or enterprises, as it is provided by skilled developers of SOFT TEHNICA, helps you fulfill your business requirements with the ever-changing trends and evolving technology. Because professionals know what tech stack is the most efficient nowadays. But you are not attached to a certain technology. Functions on the first place.

Custom software development advantages:

  • You get what you need. Only the important and specific features will be incorporated by the new software solution.
  • It can be very flexible product, because it is designed by software professionals that can implement functionality for a wide range of business needs.
  • The best features within budget. You are getting exactly what you need, here you pay exactly for what you get
  • Custom tech stack. It gives you the ability to get any output you want. All possible integrations and features. Your developers’ team choose the tech stack depending on your priorities.
  • Minimized information security risks. There are only two sides who have access to the information – you and your custom software development team.
  • On-demand updates. Anytime you can update or improve your software.
  • Customized reports. It gives you the opportunity to save your time by getting specific metrics and reports

Planning and developing a custom software

Before starting to choose a software development team, you should understand your business goals and your needs, estimate the possible risks and get the idea of how the finished result should look like. Also, you have to be prepared with realistic timeframe and budget. It really helps when choosing a custom software development company and methodology. After a short review of those aspects you choose a software company.

In the designing phase, the project requirements are evaluated with mutual talk and final strategy for software development is formulated. The design phase is further broken down in two parts that are system design and component design. The system design of the software is related with queries like how the individual components will interact with each will be answered whereas component design planning of each block of software is made.

Implementation Phase. In this phase components are created using any programming language.

Testing Phase In testing phase are checked either the program is performing the intended tasks or not. Each module of software is checked by entering the data. When every module is tested, then software is considered fit to use for the organization.

Installation Phase All of the components of the software are combined together and developed software is installed on the computer. If the testing phase is completed with full care then it is very easy to work with the installation phase.

Once all above steps have been successfully passed, and the software product is fully released into the market, the product must be kept operational and maintenance of the product is required.

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