Augmented Reality Application is the smart choice for launching new products

Augmented Reality Application is the smart choice for launching new products

The Covid-19 Pandemic has provided a wide range of challenges to every business. Now, the disruption to physical marketing and POS is an important problem in many companies that are struggling to find a new approach in presenting the new products or services to their audience.

The human connection was the main advantage of an event, but now we are left with no chances in ; and where retail spaces once offered a chance to buy, try and explore, we are now left with a two-dimensional surface that doesn’t afford the same level of connection that physical retail once did.

The main benefit of Augmented Reality (AR) is to make possible the interaction between the product and the client possible in the most difficult times. As experts in AR technology Soft Tehnica’s team has been enhancing the new expertise in the most interactive applications mostly used by companies, brands and agencies to navigate our new reality.

I have an issue?! How I can launch a new product without a specific event dedicated to this moment and How can I demonstrate my product without a physical space to do this?

The social distancing regulations around the world have been badly affected the advertising and events domain. The immersive live spaces became the perfect studio or “event halls” for the companies in their communication efforts to make their new products known by the consumers, customers and the press. VR Streamed Live Events represent a unique crossover between live broadcasting and virtual reality content.

Try and buy is the next step after the launching event – there is a big challenge here because with the store closed, many brands can’t make available a product demo. Here we come with another smart idea of making your product known – a WEB AR application, a unique, three-dimensional way to allow customers to try, know and customize the product in the comfort of their own home.

Augmented Reality integrated directly on a web page – How it works

It doesn’t need an app to download! Users access a website via their browser, which then loads a page that creates an augmented reality experience. No need to download an application, so we remove a time barrier and simply the entire process – the brands can target people quickly and easily.

Our solution can deliver models right to users physical space. Within the new technology the companies are able to place their product in people’s homes, allowing to visualize ownership and lead to higher sales.

Hardware-wise, indeed, Soft Tehnica solution will work on all latest and some earlier generations of Apple and Android devices .

The main Advantages of our WEB Augmented Reality application

  • runs on any browser: unlike some native applications ;
  • it’s a demonstration tool safe and cost-effective, not implying shipping/returns costs
  • It has a rapid deployment time
  • The Augmented Reality content can be integrated on multiple marketing channels, such as out of home advertising, social media posts, email, messaging, etc.
  • No need of an app download