Top 10 Software Applications Developed by Soft Tehnica

Top 10 Software Applications Developed by Soft Tehnica
The dynamism of the current business environment requires companies to invest in tools to streamline the activity. Certainly, the performance of a company depends overwhelmingly on the efficiency of the operational processes carried out. Soft Tehnica is actively involved in supporting and developing software and applications for local and foreign companies, operating in various fields, from financial services to medical assistance, in order to check the following items:
  1. automating and rethinking processes;
  2. optimization of some stages of the production or distribution cycle.
  1. Integrated Software Solutions
The company proposes complex solutions with extensive functionalities in terms of document management, workflow and automation processes. Here are some of the features that the Soft Tehnica team usually develops:
  • fully customizable interfaces;
  • recurring and unique queries in the database;
  • notifications of tasks and processes;
  • automating the invoicing process with integrated payment processing;
  • full data import and export capabilities;
  • distribution of expenditure and reporting by cost centre;
  • HR functionalities;
  • Help Desk;
  • Ticketing mode.
  1. AgoraDMS
Agora is an application dedicated to managing documents and workflows in an organization, with the aim of reducing the time spent to solve problems that arise on a daily basis. The solution is addressed to both local public administration and SMEs.
  1. Custom software solutions for the medical field
Soft Tehnica can create a software for the management of the activity of medical laboratories, respectively of the offices, which will deliver the following functionalities:
  • streamlining operations, centralizing the analyzes related to each patient, comparing patient analysis results with reference indicators;
  • identification of results that do not fall within the intervals accepted by medical practice;
  • generating financial reports;
  • automatic generation and transmission of results;
  • actual billing of services.
A customized app can provide quick and convenient access from your phone or tablet, being developed together with and for those involved in this flow.
  1. Application for the logging industry
The efficiency of any business depends on several indicators, and one of them assumes strict control and management of the raw material. The software solution, developed by Soft Tehnica for one of the clients working in the field of forestry, generated in a short time visible results both from an operational and logistical point of view. The app, available on Mobile, Web and the Cloud, provides:
  • tracking of inputs/ outputs;
  • stock records and sorting according to the criteria required by the customer;
  • labelling of logs;
  • anywhere and anytime access to the important data for his business.
  1. Training and certification platform
One of the most important regulatory authorities in Romania wanted to develop a safe certification platform for its body of experts. The delivered application is a fully automated system that aims to check fraud for examination. Among its functionalities, we list:
  • User signup;
  • authentication;
  • payment;
  • testing, evaluation and issue of diplomas
  • Integrated with a database, the application is available for 24/7 query, with extensive functionality (such as reminders and generating user tasks when renewing certification).
  1. Custom Solutions for Retail
The merchandising activity can be controlled and improved! The software delivered to a profile company has integrated several functions, such as:
  • automatic generation of contracts and uploading to the application;
  • notifications and tasks sent to traders;
  • a very intuitive interface so that field agents can upload photos and comments during their visits to the store.
  1. Mobile App for FMCG
Packaging can be the best ambassador. We created:
  • a 3D model from scratch, we completely animated its face and body using Motion Capture;
  • a mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS operating system.
Based on this extensive range of built-in features, buyers (while directing their phones’ cameras to the product packaging) can view a 3D AR animation that provides useful information about the features and benefits of the product.
  1. Integrated software solutions for HORECA
Freya POS is a suite of applications with extended features, which has become a benchmark on the market, being currently used by over 2500 companies in Romania. In a single application, there are many advantages:
  • multi-user, multi-location and multi-entity access;
  • high adaptability;
  • a wide range of instruments, allowing full control over internal costs, stocks and flows;
  • function of complex reports, which may be subject to customization;
  • full integration of payment, ordering, shipping, delivery, fleet management, accounting, and WordPress-based web platforms. The application becomes an asset for each business owner aimed at consolidating or expanding their business;
  • 24/7 mobile access to data and reporting features through Cloud integration;
  • the fastest and most professional customer support service in Romania.
  1. Personalized Mobile App with Augmented Reality
Customers prefer to put their mark on the products they purchase. For a customer who produces shoes, we have developed and integrated a configurator that allows the customization of products in his online store. In addition, a mobile application in which customers can not only view the products available in the online store and order them, but can view the finished product as a 3D AR hologram, with the help of a customization engine fully developed in-house by our team. Once customers have completed all stages of the customization process, the final product can be easily previewed and shared with friends using a QR code (accessible via mobile or website) without the need to install the local QR code reader.
  1. Custom software solutions for franchise owners
Complex, but easy to use, the program for franchise owners managed to successfully respond to numerous requirements:
  • management of stocks of warehouse;
  • automation of documents for the reception of products and ingredients;
  • sorting of products in stock and billing between the franchisor and several franchisee locations;
  • placing orders for reconstitution of stocks and re-routing of products between locations.
This complex solution was complemented with a mobile application and cloud integration, allowing for elaborate reporting on mobile devices, along with seamless synchronization and functionality, even with interrupted Internet access. From startups to large companies, Soft Tehnica has delivered the software solutions adapted to all types of requirements.
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