Why choose Freya Cloud for your business

Why choose Freya Cloud for your business

Freya Cloud is a simple but at the same time a complex solution designed to meet the needs of businesses that want to use a modern, accessible solution from anywhere (being SaaS – software as a service), that combines multiple business streams and provides reports on products, services and reports updated at all times.

Freya Cloud – innovative multi-location, multi-firm solution

When you have multiple locations in your portfolio, which you manage from multiple companies, Freya Cloud is the ideal solution to successfully manage them thanks to its adaptability. From a single app you have access to everything that happens in real time, in each location, you can add groups of users and set permissions for them, you can add promotions and products with different prices for each location, and you can track and set all these details between one place.

Cloud is a SaaS solution that adapts easily to franchise companies because it allows you to manage commodity stocks, prices and data volumes for each available location from a single application.

Freya Cloud – Mobile and scalable solution, accessible from anywhere

Have you opened one or more terraces by the sea that you want to close in winter? Or maybe you want to add some ice cream caravans or food to the most visited areas of the city, which you can then close by next year? Nothing simpler – with Freya Cloud you pay what you consume because of the scalability of the solution – you can decrease or increase the number of locations as needed and pay according to those needs.

Mobility makes it ideal for HoReCa and Retail companies – you only need a tablet to track all the important information of your business, and one of the most important advantages is that it can connect with different mobile devices – you can, for example, inventory one of your locations using the mobile phones on which you installed the Inventory app , all data being synchronized in real time with the app, so you have a complete picture of the stock and prices.

Are you on vacation and want to see what your daily location reports look like? You can access Cloud from anywhere, from any device, anywhere in the world, the app can be installed on your laptop as well as your tablet.

Automating flows, especially financially related, directly from Freya Cloud

Need to automate invoice, NIR, and report delivery streams? Cloud helps you deliver invoices in just a few clicks, directly from cargo-accompanying notices, and create cargo receipt notes directly from the Inventory app, which is integrated with your Cloud solution.

In addition, Freya Cloud gives you the opportunity when you issue an invoice, it will reach your partner instantly. From inbound invoices you can automatically generate NIRs and automatically generate your management, and from the outbound invoices you can generate outbound minutes and soon you will be able to synchronize directly with payment statements directly into the system. The solution also meets those who want to quickly have cash and bank registers.

Multiple integrations and easy marketing directly into Freya Cloud

A SaaS solution adapted to today’s times benefits from the necessary integrations for a well-connected business. Freya Cloud is integrated with the Inventory Module – Inventory, which allows you to inventory goods directly into the solution and makes NIRs directly in your phone, as well as with the other Freya – Restaurant, Self Order and Delivery solutions. To make delivery with Freya Cloud you only need a few clicks, the delivery menu can be built very quickly.

You can also use an integrated marketing tool that allows you to set preferential prices and discounts very quickly.
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