AR implementation for FMCG

Short Facts:

  • Industry: FMCG
  • Team: 4 persons
  • Project Duration:
  • Technologies: UNITY, Unreal Engine, Maya, AR Foundation
  • Services: Software Development

Highlights: our client main objective was to inform customers that their products ingredients are 100% natural and safe. The scenario implied interactivity, customer engagement.


We have created a 3D model from scratch, fully animated its face and body using Motion Capture, then created a Mobile App, both Android and iOS compatible. Based on this extended range of integrated features, the buyers - while pointing their phones’ cameras to the product’s packaging - can visualize an AR 3D animation that keeps them engaged by providing useful insights on the product’s features and benefits.

Client Benefits:

  • Mid-senior team with strong technical skills, great experience in various projects
  • Permanent communication, a win-2-win partnership
  • Good time management, delivering the solution in time


From startups to major companies, we helped enterprises reach their business goals by developing the required software and delivering additional services.We are creative and goal oriented, in order to provide a solution that fits all your requirements.