AR Application for the Fashion Industry

Short Facts:

  • Industry: Fashion Industry
  • Team: 3 persons
  • Project Duration: 2 months
  • Technologies: Unity 3D, React & NodeJS, Flutter, WordPress
  • Services: Software Development, mobile development, web development

Highlights: Our client objective was to offer fully personalized products to his customers. That was the key element that can differentiate him on the market – by offering the customer an important role, a designer attributes.


We have created an innovative solution comprised of a website, complete with an online store in which clients can find and choose how they want to personalize their favorite footwear products by using patterns or photos of their choice, uploaded from their own devices . Additional, a Mobile App in which the clients can not only visualize the products available in the online store and order them, they can visualize the finished product as a 3D AR hologram, with the aid of a personalization engine fully developed in-house by our team.

After the clients have completed all the stages of the customization process, the end product can be easily previewed and shared with friends using a QR code, accessible via mobile or website, without any local QR code reader installation required.

Client Benefits:

  • Mid-senior team with strong technical skills, great experience in various projects
  • Permanent communication, a win-2-win partnership
  • Good time management, delivering the solution in time

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