Franchise system software solutions

Short Facts:

  • Industry: Retail
  • Team: 3 persons
  • Project Duration: 3 months
  • Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Android
  • Services: Software Development

Highlights: Our client, an important player on luxury sweets market, that developed his own Franchise System, required a custom software in order to support and control all the business processes, procedures,  to assure the warehouse stock management and to centralize the product and ingredient reception papers, to generate the billing forms.

Solution: Complex, yet user friendly, it successfully addressed a wide variety of requirements: warehouse stock management, product and ingredient reception papers’ automatization, product and billing breakdown between franchisor and multiple franchisee locations, as well as stock refill order placement and product redirect between locations. This powerful solution was complemented with a Mobile App and Cloud integration, allowing elaborate reporting on mobile devices, alongside seamless synchronization and functionality, even with discontinued Internet access.                  

Client Benefits:

  • Mid-senior team with strong technical skills, great experience in various projects
  • Permanent communication, a win-2-win partnership
  • Good time management, delivering the solution in time

From startups to major companies, we helped enterprises reach their business goals by developing the required software and delivering additional services.We are creative and goal oriented, in order to provide a solution that fits all your requirements.