Freya Solutions through difficult times

Freya Solutions through difficult times

2020 was (and continues to be) the year of the biggest challenges for the hospitality industry. From the total lockdown in March to June to the reopening and then the re-closure this autumn, the health crisis has hit restaurants hard, which have seen each other face-to-face with the challenge of closure. Some chose the solution of pivoting to a new type of business, a hybrid one, with terrace and delivery system or pick-up and partnerships with delivery platforms (in big cities).

In recent months, the Freya team has designed for you an ecosystem of solutions to help you sustain this difficult period, gathered under the Freya Delivery umbrella. These solutions have been designed to be integrated with the solutions you use every day, are tailored to all your business needs and help you rethink processes so you can get through the difficult time we’re going through faster.

Multi-channel integrated commands – call and website controls, easier to follow in Freya Delivery

Freya Restaurant Delivery supports you and your business with integrating orders from different channels into your workflow:

Orders from the telephone station Orders from your own website, which can be turned into an online store using a module designed by our team Integration with delivery platforms (Glovo or Foodpanda) Integration with your own fleet of delivery people Integration with self-order kiosks

With these modules you will be able to analyze which sales channels are the best, you will be able to see where you have the most receipts and which are the most profitable campaigns you have run, and in addition, you can see what your team’s working times are, which is where problems arise, in case they occur. Thus, with these integrations you will be able to make informed business decisions and you will be able to decide where to reduce expenses, so as not to lose any more money.

Self-order Kiosk, the integrated solution already chosen by major restaurants

A self-order system helps you diversify your business line and streamlines processes, freeing employees from the payment stream so they can get involved in providing a more enjoyable customer experience. A Self Order system becomes an extra sales channel during this period and has some important advantages that can help you in your daily business, especially during this period when it is recommended to limit interpersonal contact:

It has an easy-to-use interface, allowing for an improved command process experience Helps present products with compelling images Provides real-time order status – so customers will be kept informed about their order status – without queues and other outdated notification methods

We were the first providers of a dedicated and integrated solution for kiosk self-order in Romania and we can support you in integrating the solution into the workflow of your location.

Freya Kitchen Display, the kitchen order centralizer

During this period it is ideal to use a solution that helps you have all the centralized controls in the kitchen and be able to track where problems occur in the production flow. Kitchen Display helps your team communicate better about incoming orders and the food preparation process, avoiding direct contact between waiters and chefs, without losing service quality, and gives you a complete picture of on-site processes.

Digital menu, partner of locations left open

Although during this period the efforts of the restaurant locations are focused on the terrace area, the digital menu is necessary not only to have fewer contact areas for the customer, but also to reduce the costs of disinfecting and printing menus in physical format. The digital menu is easy to implement and will help you in the future – any changes you make to the menu will only require an update in the digital menu, not printing new menus in physical format.

Fewer operational risks with PandemSafe

In recent months we have brought solutions for hospitality businesses that want to adapt their business and have no problems with checks on compliance with coronavirus rules. If you want to reduce operational risks to your restaurant, you can do so with Freya tools that help you get real-time notifications about your team’s health and get rid of the Care of the Customer Reservations Register in physical format with a QR Code that you can customize and sit on every table. Ask us a lot of details about this solution.

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