Integrated industry solutions suite

Our team has developed Freya POS, an innovative bundle of solutions - Delivery, Self Order, Restaurant, Shop, Hotel and Cloud - especially designed to meet the complex needs of businesses in the HoReCa and Retail industries.
Freya POS has extended features, which have turned it into a benchmark on the market, currently being used by more than 2500 businesses across Romania. First of all, its impressive scalability, since it is module-based, multi-user, multi-location and multi-entity. Then, its high adaptability, as it makes use of the hardware pre-existent in the clients’ locations. Furthermore, it integrates a wide range of tools – that allow full control over costs, stocks and internal flows – as well as a wide variety of complex reports that can be subject to user customization. Moreover, it is fully integrated with Payment, Order, Dispatch, Delivery, Fleet Management, accounting and WordPress-based web platforms, which turn it into an asset for every business owner aiming at consolidating or expanding their business. Last but not least, it provides 24/7 mobile device access to data and reporting features via Cloud integration, alongside the fastest and most professional Client Support service among the locally developed HoReCa & Retail solutions.