Training & Certification platforms

Short Facts:

  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Team: 10+ persons
  • Project Duration:1 year
  • Technologies: Drupal
  • Services: Software Development

Highlights: One of the most important regulatory authorities in Romania searched for a secure certification platform for its body of experts


We have created and implemented a certification platform for its body of experts, consisting of a fully automated and fraud proof system for examination - user enrollment, login, payment, testing, evaluation and diploma issuing - all integrated with a database, available for 24/7 interrogation, with extended functionalities, such as reminders and user task generation upon certification renewal.

Client Benefits:

  • Mid-senior team with strong technical skills, great experience in various projects
  • Permanent communication, a win-2-win partnership
  • Good time management, delivering the solution in time

From startups to major companies, we helped enterprises reach their business goals by developing the required software and delivering additional services.We are creative and goal oriented, in order to provide a solution that fits all your requirements.