We have the perfect ones for your shop, either online or offline (or both) – a solution that incorporates the experience of working with hundreds of clients. Their business needs and challenges have transformed into features and solutions, continuously improved by our development teams, based on the customer’s feedback. This way we have created products that are now mostly growth – oriented and help businesses analyze their data and create strategies for the future.
During the last years, our team has oriented its efforts into personalization, by using the latest technologies such as Augmented Reality and created a personalization engine that can be used from small creative businesses to large companies with creative services.

In a changing world, as the one we live in today, you need strong solutions to adapt to all challenges.

Freya Solutions

Freya Shop

Trust Soft Tehnica to deliver solutions tailored to the business and technology challenges all travel and hospitality companies face. Freya Shop delivers a simple, fast, easy to understand sales experience. It tracks stock, it integrates with a variety of software and hardware solutions and is mobile ready on Android and is always in development.

Freya Cloud

We offer you the solution both decentralized, for a single store, but also for multiple locations through Freya Cloud, the software solution that allows you to manage all operational processes in multiple locations, with real-time synchronization in the back office of the head office. Each POS (Point-of-Sale) is based on a secure local database, offering the advantage of being operational, even in situations where there is no network coverage.

E-commerce Projects