Aidoo – Interactive Holographic Virtual Assistant! In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, we offer innovative solutions to upgrade customer interactions and streamline business operations. Discover how Aidoo facilitates a captivating and impactful experience for users, reducing communication barriers, and providing extraordinary experiences.



Aidoo brings a series of unique features that are changing the world of virtual assistance. Learn how you can eliminate issues related to inconsistent customer experiences, language barriers, resource limitations, and lack of interaction.

Operational Efficiency:

With the AI capabilities of Aidoo, businesses can automate and optimize a variety of processes, thereby reducing the time and resources required for repetitive and administrative tasks. This leads to a significant increase in operational efficiency.

Quick Responses:

Aidoo can provide instant answers to customer questions and requests, ensuring a fast and efficient support experience that contributes to increased customer satisfaction.

 24/7 Available Support:
Aidoo provides unlimited support for customers and visitors, eliminating the need to allocate resources for support during non-operational hours.

No Linguistic Barriers:

By integrating natural language processing and automatic translation, Aidoo eliminates linguistic barriers and expands access to services for a global customer base.

Customized Interaction:

Aidoo is capable of providing personalized interactions, taking into account customer history and preferences. This leads to a stronger connection and customer loyalty.

Cut Costs:

Automating tasks and repetitive processes helps reduce labor costs and save time, translating into higher profitability.

Superior Experience:

Aidoo provides a captivating experience with holograms and AI support that interacts naturally with customers. This unique aspect strengthens the brand connection and increases attractiveness.

High Conversion Rate:

Through personalized interactions and prompt assistance, Aidoo contributes to increasing the conversion rate for businesses, turning visitors on an e-commerce site into customers.

Advanced Analytics:

The platform can provide advanced analytics on customer behavior, allowing businesses to better understand their needs and preferences.


Flexibility and Adaptability:

Aidoo can be customized to fit the specific needs of various industries and businesses, making it a versatile solution for diverse sectors.

Increased Competitiveness:

Embracing cutting-edge technology like Aidoo strengthens a business’s position against competitors and has the potential to attract new customers.

Reduced Bounce Rate:

An interactive and engaging interface significantly reduces the website’s bounce rate by keeping visitors involved.

Increased Customer Loyalty:

By providing quality support and a unified experience, Aidoo helps build a solid base of loyal customers.

Reduced Response Time:

Aidoo can provide quick responses, meaning customers no longer have to wait for assistance or information.

Innovation and Interactivity:

By integrating holographic technology, Aidoo brings a touch of innovation and interactivity to communication.

Services Included

AIDOO aims to communicate effectively with the company’s audience. You will be able to choose the avatar and voice from our library, or you can opt for customizing the hologram and voice to ensure unity with the overall communication lines. Training the avatar will be done in accordance with your company’s rules, and there will be no discrepancies between the support provided so far and the responses provided by AIDOO.

Case Studies: Discover how Aidoo can transform businesses. Read the case studies demonstrating how we have solved real-world problems and brought benefits to our clients.

Problem: An online store is facing a high volume of customer inquiries regarding products, delivery times, and returns.

Aidoo Solution: Aidoo can be implemented to provide 24/7 customer assistance, quickly responding to common questions and providing details about products and return procedures.

Results: Increased customer satisfaction, reduced email and phone inquiry volume, improved conversion rates, and increased sales.

Problem: A medical clinic receives numerous calls for appointments and frequent questions at the clinic’s reception from patients.

Aidoo Solution: Aidoo has been customized to manage appointments, respond to questions related to medical services, and provide information about available medical specialties. Additionally, on an interactive screen placed in the clinic’s reception, AIDOO offers interactive support to those seeking quick answers or clear information about the clinic’s services.

Results: Reduced wait time for appointments, decreased administrative staff workload, patients received quick and detailed information.

Problem: An educational institution wants to provide personalized support to students and parents for questions related to courses, programs, and the school schedule.

Aidoo Solution: Aidoo has been trained with data and information about courses, school rules, and academic programs. It provided answers to questions and scheduled meetings with school counselors.

Results: Students and parents received quick and personalized responses, reduced administrative burdens for school staff, and improved communication between the institution and the school community.


Problem: A travel agency needs a more interactive way to provide detailed and engaging information to customers about travel destinations.

Aidoo Solution: Aidoo has been trained with data about tourist destinations, photos, and information about tours and travel packages. Aidoo provides details, answers questions, and assists in scheduling vacations.

Results: Increased travel bookings, customers received useful information and tips for vacations, a balanced workload for employees.

With its AI technology and holographic interactive interface, Aidoo can provide personalized solutions to optimize operations and enhance customer experience.