The role of 3D interactive content in boosting the online campaigns

The role of 3D interactive content in boosting the online campaigns
To ensure that future online campaigns deliver the planned results, you should consider an active involvement of the target audience in discovering the attributes of the promoted product. Disruptive and innovative ad formats such as 3DView are now part of companies’ marketing strategy that wants to obtain more than the sale of the products themselves. 3D ads encourage interactivity, allowing users to explore a product from any angle with a view of the product at 360 degrees, which represents a strong advantage over traditional advertising, which creates a passive experience.

Z-Axis – a new dimension for the customer

The 3D content insert in a website energizes the experience offered by any traditional online store offering a third dimension of the screen, the Z-axis, simulating an experience similar to that of a physical store. Why should you budget for 3D advertising? The challenges faced by traditional ads are now a thing of the past, with the benefits of 3D ads evident:
  • 3D ads increase click-through rates (5X CTR) ( according to Amobee advertising agency);
  • increase the time users interact with the announcement (4X time in the ad)( according to Amobee advertising agency);
  • in addition, 3D advertising improves traffic quality, reduces rejection rate, and increases advertising conversion rate (Forbes);
  • reduced perception of risk.
The superiority of 3D elements is given by “a psychological state in which 3D virtual objects are perceived as real objects in a sensory way”. In conclusion, 3D ads improve customers’ experience accessing virtual shops and help companies achieve their objectives by increasing the conversion rate, traffic to the site, and the profitability of advertising expenses.
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