Transport and Logistics Solutions for Mineral Aggregates Producers

Why a Stock and Transport management software for a mineral aggregate manufacturing company?

  • you have ALL the information related to the clients orders and billing;
  • you have ALL the information related to the entries and stock management at several operating points;
  • you have access to data/reports that provide you with an overview of your business;
  • you can easily control the delivery and transport activity;
  • you are up to date with the situation of customers and suppliers;
  • you have the opportunity to analyze your fuel expenses/incomes in real time;
  • mobility.
  • intuitive and friendly interface.


  • Weighing trucks and linking this process to the delivery notes issuing process.
  • The addition of a new transport vehicle including its TARA, the driver, and the customer.
  • Each transport has its vehicle history.
  • Smart Integration of E-Invoice and RO-eTransport, the ITU code being automatically generated on the delivery note.
  • Billing from multiple delivery notes.
  • The sales process is fast- only 5 steps to check.
  • Warning quantity notice + scale receipt.
  • Primary accounting activities:
    • Transfer import – a station can supply goods from another sorting station, this process is highlighted in the program by import transfer and export to another management.
    • The production process is updated daily by the operator, by introducing the stock of aggregates produced on the current day, then a consumer voucher is issued for the raw material used in the production.
    • Fuel consumption is highlighted and controlled in a special section.
    • Issue a tax receipt by simply selecting the order.
    • Issue a tax invoice following a tax receipt directly from the sorting station, or order from FrontOffice.
    • Complex reporting system.
    • Easy access to customer account status.
    • Export data to accounting software (Saga, WinMentor) for centralization.

Freya Transport & Logistic

A solution designed for a better production & delivery process control!